Colombia and its culture

As part of a culture class I took for my Master of Management degree I put together a Colombian cross-cultural business guide. The guide provides insights into Colombian and Latin American culture and delves into how these cultural nuances can and do impact business practices. The guide was written with Australian businesses in mind, but the guide is still extremely relevant for other western cultures. The guide was developed through my own research, one part of which involved speaking to a previous Honorary Consul to Colombia, Angus Bartlett-Bragg, and discussing his extensive experience in LATAM.

I have a personal interest in all things Latin American and wanted to use this assignment to explore some of the issues that Colombia has been faced with in the past and face still, and how the business environment over there has developed in paralell with these challenges. Colombia has made leaps and bounds in the last few decades and I found much evidence of this. The business environment is now reaping increases in foreign investment and continues to grow, the Country’s crime rate has been challenged by security reforms and a proactive security force, and Colombia is slowly but surely shaking off the stigma which it was once stuck with.

I hope you find my guide of use.


One Response to Colombia and its culture

  1. Alexey Mitko says:

    This is pretty good! I have to do a short guide on how to work with Germans, might look into some of your references.

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